The 18th China Plastics Exhibition &Conference (China PEC’2018),ChinaPEC


The 18th China Plastics Exhibition &Conference (China PEC’2018)


The most professional and representative plastics exhibition in China.

Date of Exhibitions: 11th -14th ,Oct 2018

Venue: Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, Taizhou City, Zhejiang, China.

Tel: +86-0576-82531037 

Fax: +86-0576-82531017

Contact person: Mr Tiger

Accompanying the growth of China's plastics for over 16years, China Plastics Exhibition & Conference (China PEC) has become a distinguished meeting and business platform for plastic industry and has also largely contributed to it's prosperous development. 
China PEC’2018 will have 1,200 booths, 400 exhibitors with a total exhibition area of 30,000㎡.

Highlights(Why participate in China PEC?


Known as “the Kingdom of Plastic Products” and “Hometown of Moulds”, the city of Taizhou is the largest processing and distribution base of plastic products in China, where the annual consumption of raw materials accounts for 10 per cent of national consumption. At the same time, there are more than 11,000 enterprises specialized in the plastic industry, and their annual sales reach 80 billion RMB (About USD 13 billion). In 2017, the consumption of plastic raw materials in Taizhou was more than 6 million metric tons, which took nearly 10% of total consumption in China.
Thus Taizhou is not only the barometer of the plastic materials market in China, but also the key sales market for the plastic manufacturers of brand raw materials, machinery, and molds. 

The Kingdom of Plastic Products

Taizhou is the largest Production Base of Plastic Products in China with the most abundant products and lowest price.

Taizhou is also the largest plastic products distributing center in China, China's largest

Plastic Products Market was situated in Taizhou with the area of 15,000 m2, has about 2,000 booths and can exhibit 10,000 kinds of plastic products.

The Hometown of Moulds

There are more than 2,000 mould manufacturers in Taizhou, Total output value produced by these manufacturers in 2015 reached 10 billion RMB (About USD 1.6 billion). The price of plastic moulds manufactured in Taizhou is comparatively lower, which is only 10% of those made in other countries.

China PEC——Pioneer Plastic Exhibitions

China PEC is a grand platform bringing together all brilliant and latest achievements in plastic industries, including machines, mould, plastic products and raw materials. For the support and rave reviews from more than 60 domestic plastic industry associations and hundreds of foreign associations, China PEC has been continuously titled as the Pioneer Plastic Exhibition by the Ministry of Commerce for 13 years from 2005 to 2017, which few domestic exhibitions can win this honor.

Subject information:

With the support of Taizhou plastics industry, The purpose of China PEC is to promote plastic industry and committed to provide the trading platform. It is an established exhibition brand in China, fully endorsed and supported by the plastics industry.

Professional and internationalizd organization, marketing operation guarantees the vitality and energy of China PEC.

History of China PEC: 17years

Exhibition Area: 30000㎡, 1200 booths

Visitors: 9000

Overseas buyers: Nearly 600 from 30 countries.

Exhibition Hall

1st Floor 

Plastic Machines and Equipments(A,B & C section)

Injection molding machine, extruder, hollow molding machine,roller mill and other plastic processing mechanism and equipments,Silk-screen,heat transfer printing, spray code and other printing and packing machine and equipments,Testing apparatus, examining equipments and related equipments and accessories。

2nd Floor

Plastic Material and Auxiliary(D section)

1.General plastic material, engineering plastic, modified plastic functional masterbatch and supplements;recycled plastic material, plastic pigment, dye, color mother grains and other pigmentation masterbatch and dope;Chemical auxiliary, additives

2. Floor Plastic Products and Plastic Parts(E section)
Daily-use plastic products, disposable plastic products, green and biodegradable products ,Plastic craftwork and toys, rotomolding plastic products Plastic construction material, tubes and cables;Plastic parts of autos, motors, machines, electronic and electrical appliances, etc. and plastic packaging. 

3. Plastic Moulds and Equipments (H & G section)
Moulds and mould products, mould standardized items, mould material;Digital control system and FMS flexible processing system, Process center, digital control machine tools and mould testing equipments; 

No.1 Hall  Machine & Equipment Hall

No.2 Hall  Machine Tool & Mould Hall

No.3 Hall  Plastic raw material & Product Zone

China PEC Visitor's Profile 

Producers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Designers, Traders, Importers,

Distributors, Exporters, Equipment Suppliers, Raw Material Suppliers, Consultants,

Engineers, Research & Development, Packaging & Labeling Software Developers,

Government&Embassy Officials, Institutes/Universities/Associations, Media/Advertising are the target audience.


Sino Pec , Petro China, the Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province, 

China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises  

CPPIA (China Plastics Processing Industry Association), CPMIA (China Plastics Machine Industry Association) and  Taizhou Municipal Government


Luqiao Municipal Government

Taizhou economic and information commission

Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce

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